EI Sickness Benefits

Employment Insurance is a Canadian federal program. Many employed people qualify for Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits when they are unable to work temporarily due to illness. If you have worked enough weeks and you qualify you will be eligible for up to 15 weeks a year of EI Sickness Benefits due to illness.

It is important to know that there is a 2 week period every 12 months that is considered a "waiting period," which means you will not be paid any benefits for this first 2 weeks. This is why it is important to apply for EI benefits right away when you are off work so you can use up this 2 week period and get benefits the next time you are ill.

EI Sickness Benefits are paid at the same rate as regular EI at 55% of your gross pay. (There is a cap, which was $562 per week in 2019).

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EI  may ask you to provide a Medical Certificate signed by your doctor so it is a good idea to have one signed to keep on hand just in case. Click here for a copy of the Medical Certificate for your doctor to sign.