Educational Grants and Bursaries

There are numerous grants and bursaries available for post-secondary programs.  Some of these will be specific to people living with chronic conditions and disabilities, others are more general. There are bursaries and grants which go unclaimed every year because no one has applied for them.

The best source for up-to-date information on what grants and bursaries may be available to you is the financial counsellor at the college or university you want to attend.  The internet is another important source for bursaries and grants.

For more information, read this article written by a Canadian CF patient a number of years ago on how he financed his university education through grants and bursaries. 

Here is a short list of links for sources of grants and bursaries. This is only a brief list, there are many more out there.

If you have a student loan you can also apply for the Grant for Students with disabilities if you qualify, which provides up to $2000 for an academic year.