The Cystic Fibrosis Canada Accelerating Clinical Trials (CF CanACT) is a Canadian clinical trials network established by CF Canada. The aim is to bring new therapies and better care to Canadians with CF through participation in clinical trials. We believe by creating a research engaging environment for those with CF will increase recruitment. This will then help with facilitation and the development of new treatments for CF.

The CF CanACT network consists of 6 sites across Canada and St. Paul’s Hospital is one of them. The network will continue to expand by adding more sites. We truly believe in collaborative work across sites to achieve recruitment goals. We are developing a process that allows anyone with CF living in Canada to be referred to a CF CanACT site regarding participation in a clinical trial. Upon meeting the criteria, that individual may then participate.  

For more information on CF CanACT and a list of CF-related trials conducted in Canada, please refer to the CF Canada website: