CPP Disability Benefits

If you work you have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan. This is a federal program which provides both retirement benefits and disability benefits to Canadians who have worked enough years. To qualify for CPP Disability (CPPD) usually you must have worked for at least 4 years out of the last 6 years, but there are circumstances where you will still qualify even if you have worked less than this. If you are very young and have not worked yet, or have worked very little, you will not qualify for CPPD.

CPPD benefits are not based on family income. Even if you have money in the bank or you have a partner who makes a good salary you are still entitled to CPPD benefits if you qualify. It is important to know that CPPD is taxable income. Also CPPD provides financial support only and no other health benefits such as coverage for medications, dental work or medical equipment are provided through CPPD.

The CF social worker can assist you in completing the CPPD application.

For more information on qualifying for CPPD and how it works, click on the link below.


To download the CPPD application package, which includes a number of forms that need to be completed, click the link below.


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