Drug and Medical Coverage

Living with CF means keeping up a health care routine which usually includes medications, therapies, clinic visits, specialist visits, and at times hospitalization.  This is why it is so important to make sure you have drug and medical coverage in place. All residents of BC need to be registered with both the Medical Services Plan (MSP) and Fair Pharmacare to ensure they are properly covered for their medical needs.

Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Medical coverage, which is coverage for things such as doctor’s visits, hospitalizations and lab tests, is provided for all BC residents through MSP. All BC residents must apply for MSP and pay a monthly premium, which is calculated depending on income. The BC Ministry of Health has more information and the application form.

Fair Pharmacare

Medications for BC residents are covered through Fair Pharmacare. Under Fair Pharmacare you will pay a yearly deductible for your medications which is calculated based on your yearly income.  If you are low income your will pay a lower deductible. Some people pay no deductible if their income is very low. After the full deductible is paid all of your eligible medications will be covered by Pharmacare. This is why registration for Fair Pharmacare is so important for CF patients, even if you have a benefit plan at your work place.

You must be registered for MSP in order to register for Fair Pharmacare. It is easy to register for Fair Pharmacare online with your income tax information. More information, and the application, can be found on the Fair Pharmacare website.

Extended Health Benefits

Some people have extended health benefits through their workplace which may provide them with extra coverage for medications or other therapies.  Each benefit  is different, so check with your employer or Human Resources department to find out what is covered for you.