Supportive Resources

Disability Alliance BC

DABC is an organization that advocates for and supports people living with disabilities and chronic conditions. They provide great information and resources through their website, their publications, and advocacy programs.

The DABC website also has a page on programs you may be eligible for if you are on PWD.

Friends for Life

Friends for Life is a non-profit organization in the west end of Vancouver which provides free complimentary and alternative healthcare services to people in BC living with life-threatening illnesses. The services they provide include massage, yoga, acupuncture, counselling, meditation and more. All of the practitioners are professionals in their area and volunteer their services to Friends for Life. Many CF patients from the Adult CF Clinic at St. Paul’s have found Friends for Life a beneficial addition to their self-care regime. Speak to the CF clinic social worker about applying to become a member of Friends for Life.

MY Voice

In 2012 the BC Ministry of Health put out a document called My Voice to assist people around Advance Care Planning. Advance Care Planning refers to the plans everyone should have in place for their health care in case they are unable to make decisions for themselves, whether they have a chronic condition such as CF or not. This includes conversations with family and friends about your wishes, making sure your legal representative is someone who you trust to respect your wishes, and sometimes means having a written document available to family friends and healthcare providers. The My Voice document was put together by the Ministry of Health so that all British Columbians have a universal guide and document for Advance Care Planning. It is a fairly easy to use guide with good examples of why Advance Care Planning is important for all of us.