Travelling with CF

Many people living with CF travel successfully. Some even go to school or work overseas. The key is to make sure you are prepared so you can practice good CF care when you are away from home and ensure you have proper medical coverage in case you need to see a doctor or be hospitalized in another country.

The CF clinic would be happy to provide you with a travel letter indicating the medications and equipment you will be traveling with. Just call the main clinic.

CF Canada has a great information brochure on traveling successfully with CF.

You should always get travel medical insurance for a preexisting condition before leaving the country. This insurance is available from many different companies, but it is important to understand exactly what is covered. While the clinic does not specifically endorse any particular insurer, there are a number of insurers that are often used by our patients.

CF Canada has partnership with Ingle International to provide information on insurance options for people living with CF.

Some patients from the St. Paul's Hospital CF Clinic have used BCAA travel insurance for preexisting conditions, which they have indicated they feel has provided solid coverage.

Whichever company you decide to use, make sure to speak to them directly. You will need to provide them information about when you were last ill and when you last changed medications, as this impacts on the kind of preexisting condition coverage you will need.